Friday, February 5, 2010

Fast Food Restaurants in Canada & Their Nutritional Information or Guides

Here is a list of links to Nutritional Value web pages of some fast food restaurants in Canada. In my experience this really does not mean much, food still have lot of salt, sugar, fat, artificial flavors, artificial colors and probably preservatives. Just think how could the KFC fried chicken have nutritional value? Or the Tim Hortons donut? However, this should give you a guide to make better breakfast, lunch or dinner choices, and good choices for your kids in case you are going out to eat.

A&W - Nutritional Calculator
Boston Pizza - Nutrition
Harvey's - Nutrition Guide
Manchu WOK - Nutritional Guides (look under Our Menu)
Mary Browns - Famous Chicken - Nutritional Calculator (look under Bigger. Juicier. Tastier., pdf file)
McDonald's Canada - Nutritional Calculator
Mr. Sub - Nutritional Info (left side, download)
New York Fries - Nutritional Information (left side, download)
Pizza Nova - Nutrition (look under About Us, download)
Subway - Nutritional Information
Swiss Chalet - Nutritional Guide
Tim Hortons - Nutritional Information
Topper's Pizza - Nutritional Information (download)