Friday, January 8, 2010

Electricity Saving Tip - Cook With Lids

By using newest designs of the pots and pans, and lids you can actually save some some money on the electricity bill.
  • When using lids, you reduce amount of steam, so you don't have to run fan.
  • When using lids, you can cook on the lower heat, because all the heat is trapped in the pot.
  • When using lids, you can also cook faster, that is reducing time of cooking.
  • When using lids made of glass, you can reduce number of times you have to look at your cooking food.
Recommendations, beside using lids. Try to use energy efficient pots and pans, that have good heat conducting bottoms. And in addition to the above last point, lids made of glass are good so you can see better what is going on, instead of lifting to see. Lots of steam and heat can escape that way.