Saturday, January 2, 2010

Take Advantage of the Free Stuff

Retailers and manufacturers are fighting to get consumer attention by offering lot of free stuff. It seems like this is a last marketing resource, because what could be better than free.

There are two ways to get free stuff. One is that you get something absolutely free, no strings attached. The other one is - buy one get second one for free. In the first option retailer hopes that you will buy something additional after receiving your free stuff or at least return to the store; but in the second option there is no hoping, you have to buy something to be rewarded.

The point of this post is, what are you waiting for, take advantage of the free stuff if you can. Here is the outline of some of the examples of getting free stuff.

Free Photo Prints
Many retailers will run special promotion offers for free prints if you order them online. Many of the photo centers will also give free prints for the new sign up accounts or new memberships. For example, once Wal-Mart was running this great promotion where after entering specific online code, you could receive 50 prints free. The most you could do for Wal-mart was to buy 51 prints. The the other time I found promotions in Real Canadian Superstore, 8x10 prints for 50 cents each, compared to $1.99 CAD or more for prints of this size.

Free Samples
I don't know if free samples are good idea. However, the best samples and free products I ever received was from baby formula and diaper companies. You can literally collect piles of huggies diapers everywhere where they sell baby products. Heinz will send you containers of free baby formula if you register with them. Companies that manufacture shampoos, conditioners, lotions and creams are willing to send you try out samples - but these are usually small, but good to use for your travel. Sometimes you can run into promotions from Nutella, or Power Bars. And when you hungry, you can go to Costco, and you can practically get full lunch with a desert when you march through the isles and pick up samples.

Free Points on Credit Cards
You have nothing to loose if you are asked to apply for the points card. Collect PC Points, AirMiles, Aeroplan, Optimum, Petro Points. I just love when I go to the store, and get full cart of groceries for under ten dollars. The best shopping I ever had was at the Shoppers Drug Mart. I accumulated points for products worth $250.00 CAD, just had to pay taxes on the end.

Manufacturing Coupons
Coupon are usually tricky if you want to get free stuff. You have to wait for sales to minimize the final cost. However, if you search on line, sometimes manufacturers can send you coupons for free stuff, just because they want you to try their products.

Surveys are not absolutely free, because you have to complete survey in order to get something. Surveys are different category, some put you into sweepstakes to win cash, which probably you will never win; in some you collect points and cash out when you reach so many points; and some pay you per survey completed. Sometimes you will be asked to try new products, so you may receive stuff like cereals, salad dressings, washing detergents, or soups to try. No objection to that one.