Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Energy Saving Ideas - Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping method is to prevent from air leak through gaps around the house, mainly doors and windows.

For the weatherstripping to be effective, all the gaps must be closed completely. The weatherstripping material should be flexible in order to spring back to its original shape when opening and closing doors.

Apply weatherstripping to the tops and sides of any door frame in your house. Try V-shaped weatherstripping because it maintains good seal for warped doors or uneven openings. The V-shaped weatherstripping is like wedge.

Look for special weatherstripping for doors, because it must withstand constant opening and closing cycle, must withstand changing temperatures, and moisture caused by temperature differences.

Note, weatherstripping is effective method to reduce air leaks around the house. Leaks can contribute to loss of energy up to 40%.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Keep Your Toilet Closed - One Step To Keep Your Washroom Cleaner & To Keep Good Energy Within

I read once the Feng Shui book and since then I kept all my toilet lids closed. I have never realized that I also kept my washroom cleaner.

Well, so what is the story about Feng Shui. I read that every time you flush the toilet, in addition to water the positive chi energy is swept away down the drain. Therefore, if you keep the toilet lid closed that energy stays in your home and life.

You cannot retain the water when you flush the toilet. That water and waste must go. You must also realized that before you flush in the toilet and the rim germs accumulate. When you flush the water flushes some of them down the drain and some of them travel out in every direction.

Now if you have anything close by such toothbrushes, shavers, soaps and towels. Where do you think that the splashed germ water will go? Of course on all the things close by.

After what you read may be it is now a good time to change some things around the house including the old habits. The new habit is to keep the toilet lid closed at all times when flushing the toilet and afterwards. It may be harder to do that with older family members, however, children learn fast.

How do you make visitors to do that? I think simple idea is to write a special note card or even a note framed in front of the toilet that tells the visitor to keep the toilet closed and as a nice gesture you may want to explain why.

Hope this will help you keep your washroom more hygienic and keep you away from germs.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Best Way To Manage Your Expenses

To successfully manage your expenses you must see your cash flow. Over the years talking to many individuals I found that we don't want to pay by the credit card because we are scared to see the resultant amount to pay by the end of the month. However, seeing is better than not seeing. Seeing will make you aware how much cash is sometimes going to waste. Here are few examples how you can make your cash flow visible. In some cases it requires a bit of work, however, on the end it is worth doing.
  • Pay for everything with credit card. Even if you have many credit cards, try to use one main one. These days even places like fast food restaurants accept major credit cards. Take advantage. You know that with credit card you are not paying now, but later.
  • Keep track of items you paid by cash. Create spreadsheet or form to record your cash spending.
  • Keep track of all your expenses including house utilities.
  • Keep all your receipts and match them to your credit card statement. Credit companies and stores make mistakes also, and you can easily pay for errors from your pocket.
  • On your expense spreadsheet also keep track how much GST or PST you paid, any delivery charges, cash back, and coupons. Having items like cash back and coupons will actually make you feel better. Every year I save over $200 CAD in coupons and get about $400 CAD in cash back through credit cards.
  • Evaluate your spending and once you see some money wasted, do something about it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

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So here is my spring cleaning tip: open up your windows to get lots of fresh air, clean up closets by taking clothes and towels out, take bed comforter outside and shake it off. Spring is a way to freshen the your house.

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Highest TFSA Interest Rate - Canadian Tire

New year came and it is time to think about savings. I hope that everyone's resolution for this year is about Saving Money. If you have any cash savings available it is a good time to invest in the Tax Free Savings Account.

The nice thing about the TFSA account it is that any interest earned is tax-free. Money can be taken out anytime from TFSA because it is a savings account. Most of the time TFSA has higher interest rate. But if you do not need TFSA money you can invested in GIC or stocks, and remember any interest you earn is tax-free.

Now who offers the best interest rates.

ING Direct is usually has the best rate. However, I have recently discovered about the Canadian Tire Financial Services. Their TFSA interest rate is whooping 2.75%. Probably subject to change in the future, but they all do that. Note that some institutions also offer higher interest rate on the initial deposit just to get you in. You may want to check out ING Direct and PC Financial as other options.

TFSA Summary: The TFSA account earns guaranteed tax-free interest and gives you the ability to withdraw your money any time.

Friday, January 6, 2012

TFSA Interest Rates Comparison Chart for Canadian Banks 2012

Since interests rates are always changing I am provided you with a link to the TFSA information for each bank.

Bank of Montreal Tax-Free Savings Account (click to read more)
TFSA Current Interest Rate: 1.25%
Minimum Investment: $50.00 Cad
Maximum Investment: $5,000.00 Cad / yr

CIBC TFSA Tax Advantage Savings Account (click to read more)
TFSA Regular Interest Rate: 1.15%
TFSA Bonus Interest Rate: 0.35%
Minimum Investment: $25.00 Cad
Maximum Investment: $5,000.00 Cad / yr

ING Direct Tax-Free Investment Savings Account (click to read more)
TFSA Current Interest Rate: 2.00%
Minimum Investment: no minimum
Maximum Investment: $5,000.00 Cad / yr
No fees, no service charges and no minimum balances

RBC Tax Free Savings Account (click to read more)
Information Not Clear
Excellent TFSA Write up
At RBC, we don't charge any TFSA withdrawal or annual administration fees.

Scotiabank Tax Free Savings Account (click to read more)
TFSA Special Rates 2.00% Cash Rate on new deposits
Read Frequently Asked Questions

TD Canada Trust High Interest TFSA Savings Account (click to read more)
TFSA Current Interest Rate: 1.15%
Minimum Investment: N/A
Maximum Investment: $5,000.00 Cad / yr
Earn a special 1.5% interest rate on all new balances until March 30, 2012.

HSBC TFSA High Rate Savings Account (click to read more)
TFSA Current Interest Rate: 1.25%
Minimum Investment: N/A
Maximum Investment: $5,000.00 Cad / yr

PC Financial Tax-Free Interest Plus™ Savings Account (click to read more)
TFSA Current Interest Rate: Not Clear

Canadian Tire Financial Services - TFSA (click to read more)
TFSA Current Interest Rate: 2.75%