Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Energy Saving Ideas - Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping method is to prevent from air leak through gaps around the house, mainly doors and windows.

For the weatherstripping to be effective, all the gaps must be closed completely. The weatherstripping material should be flexible in order to spring back to its original shape when opening and closing doors.

Apply weatherstripping to the tops and sides of any door frame in your house. Try V-shaped weatherstripping because it maintains good seal for warped doors or uneven openings. The V-shaped weatherstripping is like wedge.

Look for special weatherstripping for doors, because it must withstand constant opening and closing cycle, must withstand changing temperatures, and moisture caused by temperature differences.

Note, weatherstripping is effective method to reduce air leaks around the house. Leaks can contribute to loss of energy up to 40%.