Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Supermarket Review: Real Canadian SuperStore - Flayer, Online, Renovations

Last year before Christmas Real Canadian Superstore started store renovations and also re-designing their online store look. It took a while for the consumers to adjust, since they moved things around in the store a lot. Comments like this would be heard - 'It used to be here', 'Oh this is now to expensive with round down'. It seems better now, as consumers got know the store better, plus the local store, for example one in Aurora Ontario offered free appreciation coupons - free cheese, juice and BBQ ribs. It took forever to get the ribs, as they were always not in stock.

However, dissatisfaction comes from looking at the weekly flayer online. It used to be a mirror image of the printed version. Now it is store online look alike, lists individual items. Its nice and clean, but most of the time the products are not even clearly visible - too small to see. Since, some of us like to look at the deals online, this whole change isn't something consumer would look forward too. Simple search would not even find pampers diapers.

Everyday Find Over 2000 Prices Rounded Down is a newest campaign to attract more consumers to Superstore. Great deals can be found, no doubt. The look is not so great, but who cares when the price is right. When the 2000 Prices Rounded Down was introduced, it clearly showed similarities to the Wal-mart printed flayer, the rounded numbers and never mind the color scheme. Is this to confuse the consumers, or someone creating this campaign didn't have the imagination?

Lastly, with the great renovation no body thought of fixing the self-serve bag loading dock. Very inconvenient design for the reusable bags and recyclable boxes. Seems like we all tend to overlook the hardest projects.