Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fight Flue With Cold-FX - $2 Printable Internet Coupon

Visit to pick up your Internet Printable Coupon for $2 Cnd. Hurry offer expires July 31st, 2010

The Cold-FX website released the following statement about Redeeming Your Internet Printable Coupon and action to take in case it is refused.

'Even though this coupon contains all of the information necessary for redemption, there is still a chance that some stores may refuse to redeem online coupons. This may happen because of confusion by local store employees about the corporate policy on redeeming online coupons.

Here are steps you can take in advance, to help prevent this from occurring:
  • Stop at the customer service counter before you shop and receive advance approval on the online printed coupons you plan to use. If the employee at the service counter does not approve your coupons, ask to speak with a manager.
  • When shopping at national grocery store chains, contact the corporate office and ask for a letter which outlines the corporate online printed coupon redemption policy. Bring the letter with you to show to cashiers and store managers.
  • When printing online coupons do not clip the coupon, take the entire sheet of paper. This will allow the store manager to see the name of Web site of where you got the coupons. Many times they are familiar with the company, but not the coupon.'