Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Free Groceries With President's Choice Financial MasterCard

Apply for the President's Choice Financial® MasterCard and you will get 4 coupons for 5,000 PC points each (5,000 PC points is equivalent to $5 Cad) which add up to $20 Cad. These coupons can be used every time you make a purchase in the participating stores where President's Choice products are sold. As a bonus you will get additional 5,000 PC points, that is $5 Cad for just applying on-line. You can earn PC points anywhere, you are not restricted to the participating stores. PC MasterCard is a normal credit card that can be used anywhere.

What are the benefits of the PC MasterCard?

You earn 10 PC points for every dollar of every purchase you  make with your President’s Choice Financial® MasterCard®. Remember, you can use it anywhere. You can redeem your points every 20,000 PC points, that is $20 Cad in free groceries. Note, redeeming must take place at the participating stores, for example Superstore. Note also 20,000 PC points is equivalent to your $2,000 Cad spending. So every time you spend $2,000 Cad, $20 Cad is cash in your pocket.