Monday, February 8, 2010

What Is Online Promo Code? - A Way To Apply Discounts Online

As the title states, the online promo code is a another way of using a coupon. It is a combination of letters, numbers or both. This code is then used at the checkout, and whatever discount was assigned to this code is applied to the total amount of your purchase. Online promo code is also called coupon code.

How to Get Online Promo/Coupon Code?
Promo or coupon codes are usually posted social websites like twitter or facebook, or in promo/coupon codes search engine for advertisement.
  1. Before making purchase online, sign up for email list or newsletter at the shopping website. The online shopping store will email you the code.
  2. Search for promo or coupon code via search engine. The information is spread easily among social networking sites or bloggers, making these codes easily found. Checkout twitter and facebook.