Saturday, April 17, 2010

Loose Weight For Free: Eat Well, Drink Lots of Water & Exercise

It is incorrect to say loose weight for free. However, in here free means that you don't sign up for any loose weight programs. All you need is to change your bad habits and bring on the discipline.

You already buying food, so why not buy good healthy food. Note foods high in salt will make you eat more.

PROTEIN - eat about 6 good servings of protein a day; how to measure your serving simple, size of your palm.
CARBOHYDRATES - eat about 6 good servings of carbohydrates a day; serving defined as above.
VEGETABLES - eat unlimited amount of vegetables, or have the same amount as protein and carbohydrates.

DRINK - drink about 10 glasses of water, try to drink before or after meals; drinking during meals dilutes the digestive enzymes thus your digestion my slow down.

EXERCISE - simple walking will do; start with 20 minutes walk, and gradually increase to 40 or 1 hour; try to pick roads that are uphill. Bring friend with you.

To find out what foods are good for you check out Canada's Food Guide.

How about your cravings? Well, we all know sweets are carbohydrates and with lots of sugar. The more carbohydrates you eat, the more you want to eat. Well pick a day of the week and treat yourself with cookies or cakes, but only once a week to satisfy your craving.

Hope you can follow the above steps. After few months after you adjust yourself to the following nutritional plan, you can enhance your program even more. The reason I don't want to write anything enhanced here yet because people get overwhelmed and either don't do it at all, or do it once and get discouraged.

With this plan your weight loss is slow, but effective, healthy and enjoyable. Be patient.