Friday, September 28, 2012

Keep Your Toilet Closed - One Step To Keep Your Washroom Cleaner & To Keep Good Energy Within

I read once the Feng Shui book and since then I kept all my toilet lids closed. I have never realized that I also kept my washroom cleaner.

Well, so what is the story about Feng Shui. I read that every time you flush the toilet, in addition to water the positive chi energy is swept away down the drain. Therefore, if you keep the toilet lid closed that energy stays in your home and life.

You cannot retain the water when you flush the toilet. That water and waste must go. You must also realized that before you flush in the toilet and the rim germs accumulate. When you flush the water flushes some of them down the drain and some of them travel out in every direction.

Now if you have anything close by such toothbrushes, shavers, soaps and towels. Where do you think that the splashed germ water will go? Of course on all the things close by.

After what you read may be it is now a good time to change some things around the house including the old habits. The new habit is to keep the toilet lid closed at all times when flushing the toilet and afterwards. It may be harder to do that with older family members, however, children learn fast.

How do you make visitors to do that? I think simple idea is to write a special note card or even a note framed in front of the toilet that tells the visitor to keep the toilet closed and as a nice gesture you may want to explain why.

Hope this will help you keep your washroom more hygienic and keep you away from germs.